Kure, Japan c 1951: Captain David Butler follows Lieutenant General Sir Horace Robertson (centre), Commander in Chief, British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) and Administrative Commander of BCOF in Japan and Korea, as he leaves the liner Taiyuan with Lady Robertson AWM HOBJ2183

Major General David Butler AO DSO from Guildford WA was a junior officer in Korea with 3RAR and earned the US Silver Star for gallantry in action in the Battle of the Apple Orchard in October 1950 – he had been with the battalion at Chongju near the Chinese border. On his second tour during the Korean War, he served with 2RAR and was with the battalion during the battle of the Hook above the Sami-chon River in 1952.

Commonwealth Awards to Western Australian Servicemen in Korea

Decoration Name Unit
DSO Major J. Gerke 3 RAR
DSO Wing Commander J.W. Hubble 77 Sqn
OBE Major W.J. Finlayson 3 RAR
OBE Squadron Leader E.W. Tonkin 91 Wing
MBE Flight Lieutenant J.P. Casey 391 Sqn
MC Major C.D. Kayler-Thompson 1 RAR
MC Lieutenant R.D.F. Lloyd 3 RAR
MC Captain R.P. Richardson 3 RAR
MC Lieutenant J.H. Skipper 28 Britcom Bde
DFC Flying Officer B. Joy 77 Sqn
DFC Flight Lieutenant E.G. Ramsay 77 Sqn
DFC Flying Officer L. Reading 77 Sqn
DFC Flight Lieutenant H.V. Shearn 77 Sqn
DFC Flight Lieutenant C.J. Sugden 77 Sqn
AFC Flight Lieutenant N.S. Eliot 30 Comm Unit
AFC Flight Lieutenant D.W. Hitchins 30 Comm Unit
MM Sergeant W.J.J. Bruce 2 RAR
MM Corporal D.G. Cameron 3 RAR
MM Sergeant B.C. Cooper 2 RAR
MM Corporal R.N. Parry 3 RAR
DFM Sergeant M.E. Colebrook 77 Sqn
MID Sergeant J. Acol 2 RAR
MID Leading Aircraftman E.A. Ambrose 30 Comm Unit
MID Lieutenant P.H. Bennett 3 RAR
MID Lance Corporal N.J. Beresi 1 RAR
MID Corporal K.J. Cooper 2 RAR
MID Sergeant H.K. Corry 391 Sqn
MID Corporal N.A. Deighton 1 Comwel Div
MID Sergeant J.P.R. Duggan 391 Sqn
MID Pilot Officer J.B. Halley 77 Sqn
MID Acting Corporal D. Hogan 77 Sqn
MID Captain B.T. Luscombe RAA
MID Captain R.G. Morahan 3 RAR
MID Private T.R. Nelligan 1 RAR
MID Sergeant J.I. Pick BCKF
MID Captain R.B. Rogers 1 RAR
MID Leading Aircraftman S.L. Walters 491 Sqn